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#5 - Zac Hartley: Investment Strategies for Beginners

February 28, 2021 Jason Byrne Season 1 Episode 5
Greed Geek
#5 - Zac Hartley: Investment Strategies for Beginners
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Our guest this week, Zac Hartley, has a fast-growing YouTube channel and series of online training material for investors. He has an excellent track record of picking winners with massive returns. We dive into how Zac got started in investing, how beginners should go about establishing their portfolio, and his philosophies behind picking the right companies to get behind. We touch on his due diligence advice, evaluation tools he uses, and technicals versus fundamentals.

Retail Investor Revolution
How to get started from zero
How many stocks should you own?
Where does crypto fit into your portfolio?
Trader versus Investor and account segmentation
Technicals vs Fundamentals
Beginners: Start long term buy and hold
Biggest Mistakes of Your Career
Value vs Growth
Doing Due Diligence
Zac's Long Positions
Cyber Secruity
Recent Technology Pullback, Where do we go from here?